1. How do you care for the Waffle Terry robes to keep them soft and nice?

With the robes being 100% cotton, it is best to launder them with a cold water wash and warm rinse. Softener is ok to use if you are not using the terry material interior as a drying cloth. Softener takes away the terry's ability to absorb water. We do not recommend using softener on our towels.

Then dry these robes in one of two ways. When the weather is nice, air drying them outside is a wonderful and fresh way to keep them like new. When dry from the outdoors, bring them in and fluff them up in the dryer to bring out their softness. In the winter time, dry the robes on light dry in the dryer. These robes are 100% cotton and care is needed to keep them from shrinkage.


2. What towel collection is good for drying my hair? I do not like heavy towels but I enjoy the softness of a luxury towel.

The towel collections that are great for hair drying are Pearlsoft or Royal Touch collections. The softness and absorbency of these towels actually help your hair to be tangle free. Both of these collections are not as heavy as our best sellers the Heavy & Soft Collection.


3. What is the weight specification of the terry cloth bath robes?

While standard robes are woven at 400 grams per square meter, our Terry robes outweigh that mark with an astonishing 500 grams per square meter and a two ply construction of fine Egyptian cotton known for superior absorbency and a premium plush, crafted texture worthy of a platinum standard.


4. Could you please tell me why the Turkish towels are so special? What is
the difference with the Turkish towel compared to a cotton towel?

The Turkish towel is known in history as plush comfortable towel used as an expression of hospitality to welcome guests in the home. Turkishtowels.com wanted the highest quality of products for our customers. Therefore, we selected a towel made in Turkey where towel production is a great industry making Turkey one of the three top suppliers in the world. Here is where quality counts.

The other important feature of a Turkish towel is the cotton. Many towels are claimed to be cotton yet are really just terry cloth. Our towels are 100% Egyptian cotton or a blend of 100% Long Staple Fine Cotton. The Egyptian cotton is regarded as the cream of the global crop with the longest staple of any type of cotton - 1 - 1/2 inches or longer. Although originally from Egypt, Cotton is also produced in other countries, but still complies with the original Egyptian standards. Considered the finest cotton in the world, it is soft, silky, strong and less likely to pull or lint.

So, what makes a Turkish towel special? The simple answers are two - made in Turkey (quality) and the finest of all cottons (soft, absorbent, and wonderful to feel).



5. I am looking for a robe to wear out of the pool as a towel. I swim in an outdoor pool at my gym and am hoping to extend my swim season. It is a long walk from the pool to the dressing rooms especially in cold weather! My problems are I am 6 ft. and wear a size 18 dress so I need a long robe.

Our Terry Robes are 46 in long for a very comfortable fit. I own this robe and find this one is the best for warmth and coziness during the cold winters that we have. I am about 5 ' 7 " tall and the Terry Robe falls mid-calf. I think with the plushness and softness of this robe, it would suit your purpose and size just fine.


6. I am looking to buy the heavy and soft thyme colored towels but am having a hard time deciphering if thyme has a hint of green to it. Some people call thyme greenish/tannish while others have it as just tan.

The thyme color of our heavy and soft towels is the ones with a hint of green in them. In fact they show more green than tan. The ones that are tan looking only are called sage. So if you are looking for green, the thyme would do nicely. If you just want a tannish color, go with the sage. Both colors are from the Heavy and Soft collection which is our best sellers and I am sure you will be happy with their plushness and absorbency.


7. Thank You for your email, I am looking for your best quality towels with the bath mat. Would you say there is a big difference in the quality of the Ultra and Heavy Collections? I realize the Ultra Collection does not offer the bath mat, any suggestions? Is it possible to get a color swatch

When it comes to the quality of our towel collections, they are all exceptional. The difference between the Heavy and Soft Collection and the Ultra Collection is the look and the feel. The Heavy and Soft collection is our best seller. They are definitely a fine choice when it comes to elegance and the look of richness and quality. These towels are soft and comfortable. I have personally found that the towel is great for my husband since he likes its weight and absorbency, while I find it rich and elegant to hang in our bath.

The Ultra on the other hand has a thicker softer look and feel. It hangs more relaxed on the towel rack and is super soft. These are what I call "cuddle towels". Soft enough for a baby's skin. As an interior decorator, I think you will find that both towels are great in showing yet for different purposes. An elegant bath in a master's room would demand our Heavy and Soft towels. The Ultra towels speak guest room and child's room; more for the relaxed type of atmosphere.

The images on the site are very realistic when it comes to color and look. Unfortunately at this time we do not have swatch samples.

When it comes to the bath mat being available only in the Heavy and Soft colors, most of our customers chose a bath mat color close to the towel color of the other collections.


8. What are the measurements of the terry robes?

The Terry robe measures:

Length 50 inches
Sleeve Length 22 inches with a 8 inch hem
Shoulder 8 inches
Armhole circumference is 13 inche.


9. Are all products made in Turkey ?

Not all products are from Turkey. We carry products that are Made in Turkey, Made in Portugal, Made in India and Made in China. We work with the best mills in the world and you can be sure that all products are the highest quality. On the product page you can see where the product is manufactured.


Supima Collection - made in Turkey
Bamboo Collection - made in Turkey
Hotelier Collection - made in China
Organika Collection - made in Portugal
Arosa Collection - made in China
Royal Touch Collection - made in China
Ekoluxe Collection - made in China
Kassaporto Colelction - made in Portugal
Megasoft Collection - made in Turkey
PearlSoft Collection - made in Turkey
Hotel Collection - made in Portugal
Portofino Collection - made in Portugal
Capri Collection - made in China
Renaissance Collection - made in Turkey
Hamptons Collection - made in China
Loft Collection - made in China
SPA Collection - made in China
Safari Collection - made in China
Duo Collection - made in Turkey
nuaspa Collection - made in Portugal
Bambini Stripe Collection - made in China
Bambini ABC Collection - made in China
Bambini Juvenile Collection - made in China

Terry Bathrobe : made in Turkey
Megasoft Bathrobe : made in Turkey
Bamboo Bathrobe : made in Turkey
Waffle Terry Bathrobe : made in China
Waffle Shawl Bathrobe : made in China
Waffle Kimono Bathrobe : made in China